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Five sessions you won’t want to miss at HIMSS23

With #HIMSS23 just around the corner and hundreds of sessions and experiences to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to understand which activities are most valuable to attend in such a short space of time.

Our last blog explored how to make the most out of HIMSS, but with just a few days left to go, former Managing Editor at HIMSS, Dillan Yogendra, shares the top sessions European delegates should have firmly etched in their calendar before hitting the Windy City.  

1 – Talking ChatGPT, the Ethics of AI and much more: 18 April (8:30-10:00 am) 

With everyone talking about ChatGPT, this opening keynote will undoubtably be full of insight and controversy. Andrew Moore (Lovelace AI), Reid Blackman (Virtue), Kay Firth-Butterfield (Centre for Trustworthy Technology), Peter Lee from Microsoft and Christopher Ross from Mayo Clinic will take on the topic of Responsible AI: Prioritizing Patient Safety, Privacy, and Ethical Considerations.  With a growing reliance on, and integration of digital solutions in healthcare the three aforementioned topics are hugely important to ensure that AI tools are used responsibly, equitably, and safely. The role of digital health now and in the future in optimising health systems seems a given, but there are things to consider;  how the increased use of AI systems and IT is expanding our capacities and capabilities, but also how this expansion can lead to challenges across security, privacy, algorithmic bias, data governance and ultimately lead us to question the limits of AI.  

2 – Lessons in Digital Maturity from the Experts: 19 April (11.30am-12.30pm) 

Secondly, we have Advancing Digital Maturity – Lessons from the EMEA Region with Peter Gocke from Germany’s Charite Hospital, Catia Sousa Pinto from the Shared Services of Ministry of Health in Portugal, Ronan O’Connor, who leads on the HIMSS maturity models and Dr Mubaraka Mubarak Ibrahim from the Emirates Health Services. This will explore some of the current progress of digital maturity across Europe, namely Portugal, Poland, the UK and Germany. Learn where digital maturity needs the most investment and what decision makers should be focusing on to build health systems’ capacity and sustainability that will futureproof our healthcare systems. 

3 – The Search for the Perfect Health System: 19 April (10am – 11am)  

Next up, sliding in with a title that promises a lot, and with speakers from across the US, Asia, Europe, the UK and the Middle East, is Quest for the Perfect Health System – How do we get there? With a mix of experts ranging from researchers from Sweden, policy makers from Singapore, the CMO of WebMD, this eclectic group will take to the stage to discuss the varied and diverse healthcare systems worldwide from the free-at-the-point of use NHS to the highly remunerated USA system and everything in between, touching on all their pros and cons. The speakers will decipher what the ‘perfect’ system could look like in a digital age, combining the strongest elements of each to extract and offer practical guidance on how national healthcare systems can evolve to ensure that they better support the needs of the people they serve in a data rich world, whatever their starting point. Hopefully, it’s as unmissable as it sounds!  

4 – Driving Digital Transformation and Equity: 20 April (8.30-9.30am) 

As we fast approach the end of the event, we recommend another keynote on Digital Transformation and Health Equity: A Global Discussion on the Journey Ahead. Both digital health transformation and health equity have become imperative for healthcare leaders worldwide. However, as leaders are struggling to accelerate access to care for a rising world population amidst provider shortages, cybersecurity attacks, and financial constraints – how can we appropriately foster healthcare innovation? Hear from leaders from the Netherlands, Finland, USA and the World Health Organization, as well as HIMSS’ very own Hal Wolf confront the challenges of access to care and what real actions can be taken to accelerate replicable solutions that work  in both digital transformation and health equity. 

 5 – Recovery, Resilience and Using Data Effectively: 20 April (11.30am-12.30pm) 

Last but certainly not least, a session specifically focusing on Driving Digital Transformation in European Healthcare: Recovery, Resilience and the Use of Data is one which will offer so much insight, knowledge and value from leading lights in policy, research and innovation across the EU. These include Maria Hassel from the Swedish eHealth Agency, Elena Sini from GVM Care & Research, Petra Wilson from HIMSS Belgium and Isabelle Zablit-Schmitz from the eHealth Delegation Ministry of Health and Prevention, all of whom will discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for resilient and sustainable healthcare systems.  

And finally (although not technically a number 6), if you’re an early stage company or are going to HIMSS23 with an idea, make sure you take part in the ‘Innovation Experience’ which has a ton of Venture Capital Sessions as well as a ‘Start-up Park’ which will feature a Market Debut Theatre. 

HIMSS23 – in all its scale and glory promises to cater to everyone and each of their personal interests, from health policy all the way through to machine learning and, a proper browse of the event program can lead to some real discoveries that will ignite genuine excitement about this year’s HIMSS conference. The event itself promises so much, and I’m sure it won’t disappoint!  

HIMSS23 Global Conference takes place April 17-21 2023 at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago.  

What sessions do you have on your list at #HIMSS23? 

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