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Uniting Health and Technology – Empowering the Future of Healthcare at HIMSS Europe

HIMSS Europe 2023, held in Lisbon, Portugal, brought together healthcare leaders, clinicians, and IT professionals from across Europe to explore the transformative potential of digital health technologies. Under the theme “Health that Connects + Tech that Cares,” the conference delved deep into the ways digital innovations can improve patient care, reduce costs, and enhance the overall healthcare experience.

Despite some unexpected bad weather for June, the event was a resounding success. The two main days of HIMSS Europe 2023 featured a diverse range of educational sessions, inspiring keynote presentations, and ample networking opportunities. Companies and organisations from around the world, including Israel, Canada, Sweden, and India, demonstrated their innovative solutions, further emphasising the global nature of healthcare transformation.

The occasion presented an ideal opportunnity for three Silver Buccanneers to meet up, represent UK Health Tech, and listen and learn from the best of breed solutions from around the world.

Showcasing Global Innovations and Celebrating Success

Among the countless highlights, a few standout moments stole the spotlight.

  • The Royal Free London NHS Trust received the prestigious HIMSS EMRAM stage 7 award for Chase Farm Hospital, becoming only the fourth hospital in the UK to achieve this digital maturity milestone. This accomplishment highlighted the commitment of healthcare providers to leveraging technology to enhance patient care and outcomes.
  • One noteworthy session featured Dr. Harvey Castro, who discussed the immense potential of conversational AI in healthcare. The engaging conversation was skilfully moderated by fellow Silver Buccaneer Professor Sam Shah, captivating the audience and shedding light on the future of AI-driven healthcare.
  • The conference provided a platform for networking with healthcare executives from around the globe. These valuable connections were facilitated by my good friend and fellow Silver Buccaneer, Hassan Chaudhury. His extensive connections across the Health Tech community never cease to amaze me.

Key Discussions: Focusing on Sustainability and Social Determinants of Health

During the conference, several key topics took centre stage.

  1. The pressing issue of carbon emissions in healthcare was brought into focus, with discussions centred around achieving net-zero energy consumption. It became evident that healthcare providers and hospitals carry a responsibility to reduce their ecological footprint by adopting sustainable practices and embracing green technologies.
  2. In the pursuit of holistic healthcare, the significance of addressing social determinants of health was also emphasised. It was made clear that digital solutions alone are insufficient in driving true transformation. Social determinants and factors such as air quality, diet, lifestyle, exercise, sleep, and stress play a crucial role in shaping well-being and preventing health issues. The integration of these factors into healthcare strategies is vital for promoting preventive health and improving overall well-being.
  3. Lastly, the exhibition hall featured numerous stands dedicated to remote patient monitoring. These exhibits showcased innovative technologies and strategies for monitoring patients outside of traditional healthcare settings. Presentations highlighted the importance of risk stratification based on patients’ conditions and previous 24-hour data, enabling early intervention and personalised care.

HIMSS Expands

Looking ahead, in a significant announcement, HIMSS revealed its plans to launch its new Global Headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 2023. This move aims to establish a robust physical presence in a dynamic and centrally located European city. Rotterdam’s association with Erasmus University Rotterdam, a renowned research institution specialising in health information technology research, further adds to the city’s appeal. With regional offices already in London, Berlin, and Leipzig, HIMSS is well-positioned to drive healthcare transformation across Europe.

HIMSS Europe 2023 created a collaborative environment where healthcare leaders, clinicians, and IT professionals united to emphasise the vital connection between health and technology. Attendees immersed themselves in the latest innovations and engaged in discussions on pressing healthcare topics. The event served as a catalyst for change, fostering connections and ideas that will continue to resonate beyond its conclusion.