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Unveiling the Voices: Our 5 Top International Journalists You Need to Follow


In our industry, journalists play a very important role in dissecting and analysing what is a very complex and ever evolving landscape. In our Big Health Tech Communications Report, it was discovered that NHS policy makers and professionals look to healthcare and technology journalists to stay on top of key policy changes, above any other information source. We’re shining a spotlight on some of the most influential voices in health tech across the globe. These individuals are not just reporters or journalists; they’re storytellers, analysts, and thought leaders who are shaping the future of healthcare through their insightful commentary and expertise. So, without further ado, let’s meet the minds behind the headlines:


  1. Christina Farr – @chrissyfarr

Chrissy Farr is no stranger to the world of journalism, having written for reputable outlets like CNBC, Fast Company, and Reuters. Now, as a New York-based health tech investor, she continues to captivate audiences with her knack for storytelling and laser-focused analysis. Be sure to check out her newsletter, “Second Opinion,” for a deep dive into the future of healthcare.


  1. Rachel McArthur – @raychdigitalink

Fluent in both Arabic and English, Rachel McArthur brings over 15 years of experience in healthcare journalism to the table. Based in the UAE, she serves as the Managing Editor of Digital Ink Media, curating content for prominent media outlets in the region. With a keen interest in personalised medicine, health tech, and wellness, Rachel’s work has graced the pages of esteemed publications such as The Washington Post and The New York Times Magazine.


  1. Mimi Billing – @MimiBilling

As the Europe Editor for Sifted, Mimi keeps her finger on the pulse of health tech innovation across the Nordics and beyond. Alongside her colleagues, she delivers insightful coverage of startups and trends shaping the European startup scene. Whether it’s big scoops or unique takes on stories, Mimi and her team – including Amy Lewin, Kai Nicol-Schwarz and Adam Green – have you covered.


  1. Artur Olesch – @ArturOlesch

Hailing from Berlin, Artur is a leading voice in European digital health journalism. With a profound understanding of the digital health landscape, Artur crafts engaging content and provides valuable insights to medtech companies and startups alike. His expertise makes him a sought-after speaker at conferences and events across the continent.


  1. Mélisande Rouger – @melisandien

With two decades of reporting experience under her belt, Mél is a force to be reckoned with in the world of health tech journalism. Formerly heading up content for the European Society of Radiology, she now serves as the Editorial Director for Diagnostic Imaging Europe. For nearly four decades, DI EUROPE has been a trusted resource for radiologists and clinical imaging decision-makers across the EMEA region.


These are just a few of the journalists that are at the forefront of innovation, driving conversations and shaping the future of healthcare through their expertise and dedication. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious enthusiast, following their work and activities are sure to provide invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of health tech. Give them a follow and stay ahead of the curve in digital health!

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