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How health tech companies should be communicating during the pre-election period

Following the general election announcement and subsequent dissolution of parliament last week, the nation has entered a pre-election period – also known as purdah.   It will run until the new elected government is formedDuring this time the public sector needs to remain politically impartial and refrain from making policy announcements that could be seen to support any candidates or parties.    

Although the flow of communication from now until the outcome may reduce, health tech companies can adapt their communications to leverage the period.  Silver Buck has zoned in on five key areas where you can use the time wisely. 

1. Build relationships 

With new policy announcements on hold, customers may have more time for other activities. Now is a particularly good time to reach out to continue building good relations. This is a great period to also get their perspective on the election.  Discussions can be on what they think the new government will look like, what the priorities should be going forward and readiness after the election.  

2. Adapt messaging 

Use the time wisely to review your key messages and how they are aligned with the major parties’ manifestos. Consider adapting your messaging now to show your organisation is ahead of the curve and it guarantees you are first out of the starting blocks when the new government is formed. 

During a pre-election period, there are ample resources you can call on to inform messaging and positioning plans.  Follow the major parties closely to understand their key policies and manifestos and monitor prediction polls to gauge outcomes and help with prioritisation.  

3. Target frontrunners 

If you are monitoring the media and prediction polls, you will have a good idea of who the likely government frontrunners are.  Target them during this period to get your company’s views across their desk.  Utilise industry networks, associations and connections because they will often be coordinating recommendation reports and briefings on behalf of their members/the industry to share with relevant members of parliament.  

This is an important window to establish your organisation as a thought leader.  You can feed in what you think the priorities should be when a new government comes in and they start to make policy plans and set budgets for the new financial year. 

4. Be media savvy 

Understandably, the media goes into a frenzy throughout an election.  The NHS is a key part of election campaigns and pledges around the topic are made almost daily.  Health tech companies should monitor these developments closely and step up their proactive press function to leverage.  

There is a steady flow of opportunities to respond with comments, opinion articles and interviews to share your company’s perspective and raise awareness of the impact you are making to the healthcare system.   

5. Grow your network 

As we’ve previously highlighted, elections and the NHS are big talking points. Although your public sector customers will be less vocal during a pre-election period, other stakeholders will be more so.  Keep a close eye across the horizon to identify and connect with other organisations and industry peers that are sharing their views. It’s possible they are aligned with your strategy and there is scope for future collaboration.

Silver Buck is experienced in communicating during pre-election periods and can support your organisation through it.  Get in touch, If you’d like support or guidance from our team.