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Raising the profile of Better and openEHR

Key Stats

  • 170+ pieces of coverage across 40 different publications with a total reach of over 12 million
  •  25+ proactive press opportunities identified and secured
  • 20 press releases and opinion articles written
  • 2 influential industry awards won


Better approached Silver Buck in March 2021. It wanted help with building its profile in the UK as an authority in delivering digital transformation using solutions based on openEHR standards. At the time, Better’s open data platform and Better Meds ePMA solution were used in 20 NHS trusts, and a host or large-scale European projects. Advocacy for open data driven solutions was building, complemented by the ambitions in the Long-Term Plan and reinforced by the Data Saves Lives policy paper. Maximising the opportunity presented by this momentum, Silver Buck was given the challenge of building credibility and referencability of Betters’s solutions,  and reinforcing its unique value proposition through a sustained trade media presence.


Since March 2021, Silver Buck has been working closely with the Better team and its NHS customers to raise awareness of Better’s brand and products by creating regular press releases, opinion articles, case studies, award entries, and speaking opportunities.

Silver Buck has also been actively positioning Better’s senior management team as thought leaders driving the open standards and interoperability agenda while providing counsel and tactical support to the UK team, including developing appropriate content for attracting and nurturing leads, creating sales enablement materials, and giving guidance on digital marketing activity.


During the last two and half years, Better has seen some excellent results and continues to be a valued client of Silver Buck. During this time, Silver Buck has:

  • Produced over 20 press releases and opinion articles. We really know how to identify a story!
  • Written five case studies. You can see some of our handywork in Better’s Wye Valley case study and story of deploying Better Meds across four trusts in five months.
  • Ran an always-on proactive press service, securing 27 pieces of coverage
  • Secured shortlisting for four awards and winning two, including the first in the UK for the Better Meds team.
  • Secured and supported numerous stage appearances for Better’s senior team and customers at industry events
  • Supported Better in their promotion of the openEHR webinar series
  • Began working with the Better Meds Edu programme team to create a communications and media plan for the Better Meds Edu programme

In 15 years of working with agencies across the whole of Europe, no one has delivered more impressive results than Silver Buck. With Silver Buck, I got something I appreciate the most in people - being proactive. The Silver Buck team gave me exactly this - a ton of comms and PR ideas and suggestions on how we can leverage our comms activities without asking for them.

Uroš Bonšek Better Meds Comms Lead, Better