Zayna Dar

Anaa Haider

Zayna joined Silver Buck in May 2023 after graduating from UCL with a first-class degree in comparative literature. During her studies, Zayna completed a work placement shadowing an operations and social media manager at a BAFTA award-winning television and radio production company before becoming an English and mathematics tutor.

While completing her degree, Zayna worked as an article writer for various publications where she learnt the art of crafting compelling content. In 2021, Zayna joined the environmental collective PPL PWR as a content writer and in the same year was shortlisted as a Green Zone event organiser at COP26 where she gained experience in public engagement and community outreach.

Following graduation, Zayna worked as a social media coordinator at Oxfam and after a brief stint in hospital, decided that she wanted to pursue a career in digital health to help drive forward the healthcare revolution across the world with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.

In her free time, you can find Zayna indulging in a good sci-fi book, meditating, or bugging her cat, Amber.